Along the River

“This is a place where you can find things, you might even find something you like! But there aren't many things here right now, so be sure to come back again sometime...”

Remember when things were better? You know what I mean. Not better, but... I'm sad a lot. Sometimes things seem like they'll be better, but I just can't forget. It's hard to believe now. I can feel things unlike, and it hurts. Knowing what things done, and no amends. I guess that's a punishment. No, I don't think it's easy but it adds up. Not fair, no fair; those words they keep appearing to my head. Meaningless I know, but I still want to cry out. To scream at someone. I know that I could deserve this. Maybe I don't. Of course I do, but I can make amends! Believe me, right? I mean I could. Screw it, right? It's just nothing. Just! Nothing! I'm sad a lot. Sometimes I'm not. That's silly. Not better, but... You know what I mean. Do you come here often? Remember when things were better? It's just constant, you can't get away from it all. If I could, I would. Left just so, a wee reminder. I mean, you don't? I come here to relax. Preferably something cold. Twisting and turning, it seemed to go on forever. How droll. You can't forget. Those little places you went when you were young. I can barely remember * now. Cannot. Sitting there, motionless. I try not to think about it. Mute. Things don't matter. You can't make it up. Been done. That's enough. Living with it. I'm not a religious man, but I put my faith in God, I don't see no harm in it. Can't shake the feeling he's been good to me. I tried to do right. No you didn't, not really. When you forget. Given me plenty of chances. I consider myself lucky, overall. At the end of the day. It's my fault. Do you? It's pathetic. I'm upset. It's hard. I shouldn't complain, sorry. Look at me these days. You know what I mean, but I just can't forget. How long has it been? No, I don't. Look at me. Maybe we can. Just forget *.


If you ever want to stop by and say hello, I'm usually around by the riverbank somewhere. I'm never too far. I say that, but I do tend to stray further after the rain...